Back to School Year Info

Back-to-School Year Information


Tuesday 4th is device pick up for 1st and 2nd grade 10am-2pm

* Expect to receive an email of Introduction from your child’s teacher, Class Supply List included, as well as information about Meet the Teacher.

Wednesday 5th  is device pick up for 3rd and 4th  grade 10am-2pm

Thursday 6th is device pick up for 5th grade and Multi-age Classes ( Escobedo, Fields, Mulkey)

Friday  7th is device pick up for Kindergarten during the Kindergarten Wave even from 3pm-5pm


When you come to get your devices we will also be handing out student workbooks and other teacher created materials to help with the LaunchEd transition. This will take place in the carloop. If you are not able to pick up a device this week, please call the school at 407-897-6400 and make an appointment for device pick up on Friday or sometime next week between 8:00-3:00.

Remember, if you do not receive an email from your child’s teacher on Tuesday, please email [email protected] and she will confirm your child’s teacher over the phone and ensure he/she has your proper email address to resend the introductory email.

Visit our BPE Facebook page for updates, as well as view the LaunchED parent tutorial videos that will help you navigate the technology your child will be using.

We have been working very hard to honor your learning choices and the teaching preferences of our teachers, which required a massive amount of moves. We know we are going to continue to partner together and accomplish great things even in the face of adversity during these challenging times. We are hopeful that during the nine days of the LaunchEd kick off, you will all begin to feel very comfortable and confident and ready to welcome some of our students face-to-face on August 21st!